Cork tiles 4mm 6mm 8mm at Amazing Prices - (Seattle)

Posted on: 03/22/18



4mm, 6mm, 8mm Cork tiles at Amazing Prices Cork's natural design is mould resistant, hypo-allergenic and a thermal insulator keeping your home safe, clean and warm. Our warehouse is full of all the latest 6mm Cork tiles colors with a great selection of unique cork patterns both modern and traditional. Check out our 6mm Cork tiles. 6mm Cork tiles are just what you need in your bathroom. Cork tiles are considered a low-slip floor, so if you have little ones with wet feet, you don’t need to worry. Cork tiles naturally repels moisture, so there is no dampness, mold, mildew or any unwanted pests taking up residence. Cork tiles is durable and easy to clean. Now add in our warehouse pricing and you will wonder what you have been waiting for. Come see us today at Tel: 253-872-5503, 206-501-2231, Toll Free: 1-888-988-2675, 1-877-998-1198,

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